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How to choose the right LED street light supplier?

Street lamp brightness refers to the luminescence (reflection) intensity of the luminous body (reflector) surface, the unit is candela/square meter (CD/ square meter).  Illuminance is also light intensity, which refers to the luminous flux of visible light received per unit area. It is used to indicate the intensity of light and the amount of the surface area of the irradiated object.  Brightness is related to the luminous area, while illuminance is generally related to intensity. For example, for the same light source power, the greater the area, the lower the brightness;  And same illuminant power, distance is farther, unit area illuminance is lower.  

LED street light has become one of the important choices for outdoor street lighting due to its advantages of good luminous effect, high brightness and long service life.  LED technology is emerging in recent years.  Many people worry that the technology is immature and will lead to unstable LED streetlights and poor lighting.  So what factors are related to the brightness of LED street lamps?  How to ensure the brightness stability of LED street lamps?  

What are the factors that affect the brightness of LED street lamps?  

First, the power size of LED lamp  

The greater the power of the LED lamp, the more internal LED beads.  In the case of the same brightness of single beads, it is inevitable that the more internal beads, the greater brightness of LED lamps.  On the contrary, LED street lamp brightness is low.  

2. Luminous efficiency of LED beads inside LED lamps  

The light efficiency of LED beads is an important factor to reflect the brightness of LED lamps.  In the case of LED lamps with the same power, the higher the light efficiency of LED lamps, the brighter the LED lamps will be.  

3. Heat dissipation of LED street lamps  

The heat dissipation of LED street lamps is also an important factor affecting their brightness.  LED street lamps with good heat dissipation conditions will have more stable internal current and more stable overall brightness.  If the heat dissipation function is poor, the internal temperature of the LED lamp will increase.  Too high.  When the internal temperature is too high, it will aggravate the light decay of the LED chip, which will soon cause the LED lamp to dim.  

4. Series and parallel form of internal LED lamp beads  

If the number of LED beads connected in parallel is greater than the number connected in series, the required input current is relatively small and the BRIGHTNESS of LED street lamps will be higher.  Instead, LED streetlights will be less bright.  

5, LED lamp bead and power quality  

The LED beads and power supplies produced by branded manufacturers are of higher quality, with much better materials and workmanship than those produced by small workshops.  Of course, the overall brightness effect of LED street lamps is better.  

How to ensure the brightness stability of LED street lamps?  

First, LED lamp bead chip  

LED lamp bead chip is a component that directly reflects the brightness effect.  If the quality of LED chip is not good, it will not only lead to poor brightness effect, but also affect the stability of LED street lamp brightness.  Therefore, try to use LED wicks are brand manufacturers.  Because brand manufacturers pay attention to reputation and service, and the production process is more mature, so brand manufacturers and small workshops have a big gap in product quality.  

2. Drive power supply  

The power of the LED street lamp should be properly matched with that of the LED light source.  If their power collocation is not reasonable, the phenomenon of unstable lighting will naturally occur.  But also to ensure the quality of LED power supply, try to choose the power supply produced by brand manufacturers.  

3. The radiator  

Because LED chip heat, so LED street lamp head must be equipped with radiator.  Radiator is an important factor affecting its brightness stability.  This also has to choose the radiator produced by brand manufacturers, have to admit that their radiator heat dissipation efficiency is higher, at the same time the heat is more, so the brightness stability of LED street lamps is higher.  

Choose the above three components, generally can ensure the stability of LED street lamp brightness.  

To sum up, if buyers want to buy LED street lamps with stable brightness, don't just ask for low prices.  To understand that good quality products will not be cheap, as the saying goes, "cheap no good goods".LED street light by LED chip, lens, power supply, drive and other components.  Different manufacturers use chips, lenses, power supplies, drivers and other components of different quality. Of course, the overall brightness of the LED street lamp using high-quality components will be better, more stable, product quality can also be guaranteed.  Buy LED street lamps from formal and professional manufacturers, not from small workshops.