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An emergency light is a battery-operated lighting device that turns on automatically when there is a power outage. The purpose of the emergency tube is to ensure that enough light is provided for working or escape during normal lighting periods. This kind of lamp is widely used in garages, bank halls, construction sites, schools, hotels, restaurants and other public areas.

Usually this kind of lamp needs to be inspected once a month to check whether it can work properly, but every time it is removed for inspection is a headache thing, and now this lamp from Topight brand can easily solve this problem, Because, its light has a red test button, press and hold it, if the lightgo out, the light is damaged, if the light continues to light on, the emergency function of the light is normal, this can easily solve the problem of regular inspection, and In the normal power-on state, there are also indicators to show whether it is charging and whether it is fully charged. In addition, there are several functions worth mentioning.

1. The three-color temperature can be choosed by the light. For places where cool white lamps are needed, cool white light can be used. For places that need warm white light, warm white light can be used. Just adjust the color temperature change switch on the back. For wholesalers who need to prepare inventory, it is a thing that can save several times the cost. Buying this lamp is equivalent to buying 3 color temperatures of 3000K-4500K-6500K.
2. This light also distinguishes type B and TYPE C. For example, if you want to keep the light on after installation, you don’t need to turn off the light, you can buy type B. If you usually want to turn it off when you don’t use it, Then buy Type C.
Of course, some people will say what if our home does not have a bracket for this emergency light installed? It doesn't matter, we also have an integrated emergency light tube, which can be installed and used directly without purchasing a bracket separately. You can see the link:led integrated emergency tube.